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The difference between hand-brewed beer and industrial beer

by:Trano     2020-02-27
The difference between industrial beer and brewed beer, small beer equipment manufacturers do not need to say more words here, use a picture to understand their differences. Beer is divided into two categories: 'LAGER' LAGER 'ALE' al :(1) Beer fermented at higher temperature is called ALE. This kind of yeast floats on the top of the fermentation barrel when working, so we also call it fermented beer; (2) The beer fermented at a lower temperature is called LAGER. When this yeast works, it sinks to the bottom of the fermentation tank, so we also call it fermented beer. Then we usually drink snowflake/Yanjing which belongs to lager beer. In order to reduce the cost, large breweries add a large amount of water and starch to the wine body, which makes the wine body lose its original flavor and retain its ordinary drunkenness. The beer that can be drunk all over the world is basically lager, such as Budweiser Heineken Carlsberg, snowflake/Yanjing/Harbin, which should be called 'industrial lager' to be exact. In other words, we have only drunk lager beer since we were young, and it is classified into three or four levels under the lager style, American industrial light lager beer, and those varieties we have never drunk.
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