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The difference between tea beverage and fruit juice beverage processing technology

by:Trano     2020-02-28
In recent years, tea drinks have become more and more important in the beverage market in our country. The production technology has been continuously improved and the production technology has also been greatly improved, in particular, tea drinks have been greatly improved in clarification, packaging, sterilization, color protection and fragrance protection. Many high and new technologies have been developed in beverage production at home and abroad, such as membrane separation technology, enzyme technology, microwave technology, non-thermal sterilization technology, aseptic filling technology, aromatic substance recovery technology, freeze-drying technology, etc, these technologies are expected to partially replace the traditional tea production technology and solve some existing technical problems in tea beverage production, such as the loss of nutrients, the escape of aromatic substances, the generation of post-turbidity, etc, so as to improve the quality of tea drinks. Fruit juice drinks can be divided into 11 kinds of fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, original fruit pulp, fruit juice, pulp juice, high sugar juice, fruit juice and fruit juice.
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