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The manufacturer of the filling machine tells everyone whether beer can be drunk when it expires

by:Trano     2019-12-21
Beer must be no stranger to everyone! In daily life, you can often see the figure of beer, especially in summer, eating barbecue and drinking beer, and you will be happy when you think about it. So, do you know if you can drink beer after it expires? Today, the manufacturer of the filling machine will tell you the answer. The national standard stipulates the shelf life of beer for 4 months. Under normal circumstances, bottled beer is within half a year and canned beer is within 1 year. The beer in the warranty period is generally a qualified product. Now many manufacturers' beer can have a shelf life of 1 year or more, but the fresh beer will taste better. If the beer leaks during the warranty period, quality problems such as loss of light precipitation and sour taste can be directly replaced or compensated by manufacturers and shops. Some beers that exceed the shelf life may not be drinkable. If the appearance of beer is clear and transparent and the taste does not change much, it can be drunk. Of course, the taste is not as good as fresh ones; If it is turbid, precipitated, and tastes sour, it cannot be drunk. Can beer be drunk after half a year? The manufacturer of the filling machine reminds everyone not to drink beer after half a year. Under normal circumstances, if the appearance of beer that has passed the shelf life is clear and transparent, such expired beer can still be drunk in a short period of time. Of course, the taste is definitely not as good as the beer in the shelf life; If the expired beer is precipitated or turbid, or the taste becomes sour, the expired beer cannot be drunk. Drinking the deteriorated expired beer may cause vomiting, diarrhea and other diseases. Then what is the use of beer expired? 1. The content of acidic substances in the beer that has expired for household cleaning is also very high. It has the effect of sterilization and sterilization, and can remove the odor of refrigerators and cabinets, and the beer is an alternate solution, scrubbing the glass with expired beer, not only very clean, but also the fiber on the rag. 2. The manufacturer of the flower-raising filling machine understands that beer is an acidic beverage, which is still acidic after expiration. It can be used to raise flowers and plants, improve sudden pH, and promote the growth of sour flowers. 3, shampoo beer can wash your hair? Do you know that washing your hair with it works well, but your hair will grow very fast. When making steamed fish, use them instead of water to steam, and the steamed fish will be particularly fragrant. OK, the above is what the filling machine manufacturer introduced to you about whether beer can be drunk after it expires? Do you think you should drink it? It is recommended that you do not drink as long as possible, you can use them to water flowers, clean, etc. , so you will not worry about wasting it! : Filling machine manufacturer
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