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The process of beer equipment production craft beer

by:Trano     2020-06-16
1, the pretreatment of raw materials: the light malt coarse powder and water at 45 ℃, 30 minutes craft beer equipment, in order to obtain the boundaries of a moderate amount of dextrin enzyme fluid, clarify again 30 minutes. 2, wort preparation: malt powder and water, under 62 ~ 65 ℃ after saccharification time filtering. Join hop in the wort, 50% of the total boil hops for 45 minutes. Concentration of 11. 5° Bx wort cooling after isolated hop to 5 ℃ or so. 3, on the saccharification process, choice of saccharifying method has brought to the attention of the winemaker. In recent years, in order to improve beer features, make full use of the materials ( The germination of rice, puffed corn, etc. ) And improve saccharifying extract yield and save energy, has by the former two kinds of saccharifying method improvement for double boiled & ndash; Saccharification immersion method. 4, the first fermentation: cold wort in fermentation tank, adding 0. 5% yeast mud. At 8 ℃ temperature fermentation 3 ~ 4 days, alcohol content can be up to 2. 5%. Will this tender beer pump into the boiling pot of exposure, after boiling, add the remaining 50% hops of 45 minutes, make alcohol evaporation is reduced to 1%. Cooling water supplement again after the evaporation of the liquid. 5, the second fermentation: the above tender beer filter, plus 1% of the yeast mud, about 12 hours after fermentation, join in advance preparation good boundaries dextrin enzyme liquid by about 6%. At 12 ~ 20 ℃ temperatures continue to 7 days of fermentation, wine juice extract content is 0. About 3%. 6, craft beer equipment post-processing: will the tender beer cooling, separator separation and yeast. Storage 12 days further separation to remove causes cloudy substance, is the finished product.
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