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The use of beer filling machine need to clear this at six!

by:Trano     2021-02-24

the method of beer filling machine need to hold good to reduce the fault in the process of production, to correctly master the operation method, the use of filling machine to ensure the safe and stable operation of filling equipment. Prone to various faults in the filling machine in practical use. So, use the filling machine can not be ignored the matters needing attention? Let's have a look at it together.

  1 . Through to beer, ground wire installed power check before using equipment, check whether there is any leakage on pipeline, ruptured gas pipelines, etc.
  2 . To do a good job of cleaning machine equipment, and maintain the appearance of the filling machine cleaning, remove the scales on the body material, pay more attention to control the contained in the clean.
  3 . To the motor oil change every year, check the chain of loose, timely adjust the tension. The use of lubricating oil can ensure filling machine parts can reduce the wear and tear.
  4 . Often should to fill in the production of machinery parts circuit observation, see a scroll, lift is normal, without exception, screw presence of loose.
  5 . Beer filling machine sensor is high precision, high density tightness, high sensitivity equipment, bar impact and overload, and may not contact in the homework. The inspection requirements generally can't break down the machine.
  6 . Beer filling the captain when the time is not used, please be sure to discharge tube material, water from the circulating cleaning piping.
  7 . When you stop processing products, to cut off the total power supply and air supply equipment, otherwise the risk of electric shock.
  8 . When the machine is shut down, need to prepare the corresponding equipment cleaning, otherwise it will produce bacteria.
did not understand related instructions in advance, if there is an error in the operation, will inevitably lead to the breakage of the filling machine equipment. Carefully read and fully understand the filling machine equipment safe use of the experience, if we can in the process of operation, correct can avoid failure caused by human error, greatly extend the life of the filling machine.

the above is the use of the beer filling machine need clear content at six, when not used for a long time to clear the pipeline timely clean, prevent late filling machine using some inevitable problems. In addition if encountering need timely processing, if processes is not good, can look for professionals to solve.

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