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This kind of new type of beer barrel cleaning machine which parts? How to use?

by:Trano     2021-02-11

the use of the beer keg washing machine is more important one link in the process of beer production, determines the quality of the beer, also determines its later period of storage, when use can ensure the normal use of beer production equipment. Cleaning machine types are constantly updated, at present there is a new type of washing machine, then introduce its constituent parts for you have? Specific how to use?

a, part:
the base: used to install the ring pipe, tube shaft and interface is the base of the collar;
inner tube: installed in the base tube inside the
interface collar: pipe set, the outer interface collar collar:
tube with tube and the interface between the collar tube collar
installation at the interface between the collar and the base spring, interface collar, springs and forming limit of movable base three device of the spring.
2, the advantages of the new beer barrel cleaning method:
( 1) The cleaning head pressure on the beer cans.
  ( 2) Open the lid, beer can ring to undertake part of ocean shipping is interface, compression spring makes beer cans open ocean shipping, and beer cans in the inner ring part in contact with the cleaning head tube, to form a closed environment, beer cans of inner ring and outer open at the same time.
  ( 3) The advantages of using the cleaning head with cylinder body control, in turn, making wine residue, clean water, disinfectant to clean, clean sterile water, CO2 pressure.
operations, inside and outside the circle of beer cans open at the same time, In the case of including pneumatic punch for CO2) , beer cans of outer part is blocked by the interface ring, compression spring are open ocean shipping, and beer cans in the inner ring part in contact with the cleaning head tube, to form a closed environment. Interface between the ring and the base has a spring, thus formed the limited movable device, realized the function of beer tank, open ocean shipping.
tube socket has two effects. One is to prevent the contact of water and spring, to reduce the erosion of water and water vapor to spring, cleaning head spring is wearing parts, if you don't reduce corrosion damage, its frequent change affect efficiency. Another keep tube perpendicularity, guarantee the correctness of the inner tube and beer tank ring joint.

is more than the advantages of the new beer barrel part and how to use concrete method, good use effect can be achieved when in use, also can guarantee to produce clean beer, not because the beer barrels of clean degree affect the beer store later.

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