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Three historical filling methods of beer

by:Trano     2020-01-12
In the past, beer filling was human, time-consuming and laborious. Now beer filling is filled with beer filling machines. We may want to play what function it is by listening to the name. Yes, it is mainly used for beer filling, however, due to the differences in physical and chemical properties of liquid materials, there are also different requirements for filling. The liquid material is poured into the packaging container by the liquid storage device. Today, let the beer filling machine manufacturer tell us the historical filling method of beer. First, barrels: more than 30 years ago, the shape of beer barrels was very inconsistent, and most of them were made of hardwood. The beer barrel is tightened with metal strips, and the gap between the strips is sealed with resin. Beer barrels need to use special pressure devices to fill or guide beer. Although the beer itself contains part of the air pressure, it is not enough to guide the beer out of the barrel. Of course, if you have a manual air pump, you can also use carbon dioxide cylinders. Carbon dioxide is usually necessary for filling beer barrels, which is also naturally produced during beer fermentation. Carbon dioxide is a neutral gas that does not change any taste of beer. Usually a can of carbon dioxide gas can be used to fill more than a dozen barrels of beer. Bottled beer should be placed where there is no direct sunlight. Since most wine bottles are brown or green, the color in the glass can block some light waves to prevent beer variation. Whether it's bottled beer or canned beer, they should be stored at room temperature, after freezing (8-14 degrees)Drink. Most barreled beer should be stored at low temperature because most of this beer is not pasteurized. Filling is the most important process in beer production, which has a direct impact on maintaining the quality of beer and giving it a commodity appearance. Beer filled with should conform to hygiene standards, minimize CO2 loss and reduce air content in containers. Second, canned beer: Canned beer started in the United States in 1935. In the second world war, it developed rapidly due to military supplies. After a series of technological transformations, the demand for war has gradually increased. In 1966, the ratio of bottles to cans in the United States was 52: 46. The tank material is aluminum or copper. Canned beer is light in weight, easy to transport, carry and open for drinking, so it is very popular with consumers and develops rapidly. Third, beer PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Plastic bottles: since they were put on the market in 1980, the number has increased year by year. Its advantages are highly transparent, light weight, resealing unsealing, and reasonable price. The main disadvantage is poor gas retention, and CO2 gradually decreases during storage. Adding a coating can improve gas retention, but the storage time should not be too long. PET bottles cannot be evacuated or pasteurized in advance, and special filling procedures are required to avoid intake of air and contaminated bacteria. Beer filling machine is not only applied to beer, but also other kinds of bottled beverages, such as soda water, salt soda water and other steam-containing beverages, to achieve multi-purpose. The above are the three filling methods of beer filling machine shared by Shandong trano packaging equipment for you. : Beer filling machine
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