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Three requirements for fresh beer in beer kegs

by:Trano     2019-12-11
? Beer fresh barrels are specially designed beer barrels used for fresh beer storage and transportation. In order to ensure the quality of fresh beer and the interests of consumers, the beer barrels circulating in the market must be regularly sterilized and cleaned. , Daily disinfection with hydrogen peroxide, should be thoroughly washed every half a month. Beer barrels that have not been cleaned for a long time should be soaked with water before sterilizing and rinsing. Therefore, there are three requirements for beer preservation: First, keep the initial temperature when beer is filled; Second, keep the carbon dioxide contained in the beer from overflowing and isolate the oxygen; Thirty-three, keep the beer barrel clean and hygienic. Therefore, a high-quality beer keg must have three major properties: thermal insulation, pressure and oxygen protection, and cleaning. Beer kegs are used in the market in order, according to the material of the internal and external structure, which can be divided into: all plastic beer kegs, all steel beer kegs, and inner steel outer plastic kegs. Because wine-making requires long-term fermentation, the fermentor must have the ability to work for a long time, and it must have sufficient pressure resistance to withstand the strong pressure generated during the fermentation process. The beer keg just meets the requirements, and the beer keg also has The sealing performance can seal the gas inside and prevent the fermentation of alcohol from overflowing. It is an indispensable device in the wine industry. In addition, beer kegs are also important equipment for storing wine. Because of its pressure holding and heat insulation performance, beer kegs are easy to fill and transport, and can be used in various places. Compared with other packaging forms of beer, it has low investment and is fast to launch The advantages such as quick effect and the fresh taste of fresh beer and rich nutritional value have made the market position and development space of beer kegs. Beer kegs are currently widely used beer storage tools in the market. Because beer kegs have strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, and strong resistance to several advantages, they are widely used in various industries, especially The transportation and storage industries are relatively prominent. Fresh beer fermentation is an important application aspect of beer kegs.
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