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'Timely Rain' in beverage industry of filling machine'

by:Trano     2019-12-20
With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for life are getting higher and higher, and they will enjoy life more and more, and their purchasing power is also continuously rising. This has also stimulated the rapid development of the beverage industry. In order to meet the market demand, the current beverage industry has diversified types and gradually automated production. In the past two years, China's beverage output has developed with a high growth trend. Data show that the total assets of China's beverage industry reach 2602. 0. 5 billion, up 23. From the previous year. 46%, in terms of output, the beverage output is 11762. 320 thousand tons, up 22% year-on-year, of which 1606 were carbonated beverages. 610 thousand tons, up year on year. 46%; Drinking water output 4788. 990 thousand tons, up year on year. 67%; Fruit and vegetable juice is 1920 of the output. 240 thousand tons, up year on year. 66%. In the face of such a large market demand, without the assistance of a fully automatic filling machine, it is impossible to achieve so much sales. Therefore, the filling machine is the timely rain in the beverage industry! Mass production in the beverage industry is realized under the condition of using filling machines, which are the necessary equipment for enterprises to realize automation. The filling machine improves the production efficiency of the beverage industry. As before, manual filling is neither hygienic nor slow, and cannot meet the market demand. Nowadays, automated production has high precision, safety and hygiene, which has improved the performance of enterprises; To enable enterprises to embark on a healthy and sanitary production path; Make the enterprise safer and more convenient production. Moreover, the filling quantity and speed of the filling machine can be mobilized at any time, thus reducing the production cost. The advantages of the filling machine are already in sight. It is the best partner in the beverage industry, and it is also the necessary equipment and preferred equipment for automatic production. The importance of the filling machine in the beverage industry is irreplaceable. The timely rain in the beverage industry not only irrigates the beverage industry but also brings greater development to the filling machine market. Therefore, the filling machine and the beverage industry complement each other, in the long run, the filling machine and beverage industry are mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial. The filling machine and beverage will surely create a better market. Filling machine has become an inevitable product of global mechanized production. Its appearance has greatly improved the filling speed of enterprises, not only driving the rapid development of many enterprises, not only the beverage industry, there are many other industries, such as medicine, daily chemical and other industries also have great applications, so the use of filling machines has also become a symbol of enterprise automation. :
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