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Trano beer equipment co. , LTD. - — Craft beer equipment maintenance which should be paid attention to detail, On)

by:Trano     2020-03-02
A complete set of equipment and beer, like people need care and maintenance, often abroad each year, two months time to elaborate maintenance equipment, we take good care of it, it is to listen to your words don't strike, or you put it when the donkey make everyday, no maintenance, no maintenance, once it has launched to temper is no laughing matter. Craft beer equipment use note: although small, but very useful! ! The first point equipment cleaning detergent or disinfectant containing Cl is strictly prohibited. Not the second device for a long time, please before stopping device thoroughly clean again, after waiting for the water net, close the valve. Equipment before reopened after long time need not, please send equipment thoroughly clean, repeatable cleaning several times. The third plate heat exchanger for a long time after the operation or after long time need not, should open washing, cleaning the ban with metal brushes, ban bent, and twisted, trample, extrusion heat exchanger plate, the aging of the already sealing gasket needs to be changed in a timely manner. Fourth, equipment to periodically check the wiring and grounding, motor, pump ensure correct wiring. Check oil level of deceleration motor and hydraulic device, stirring motor should add lubricating oil regularly according to the instructions. Regularly check the stirring, plow knife fittings tighten. Each pump used may not be idle, inversion, and found that the leakage situation in a timely manner to replace pump seal. Fifth check mill hopper in the presence of foreign impurities, check the pulverizer fasteners loose and mill drive belt tightness and the reliability of the safety protection device. Regular cleaning mill roller. The sixth often check the steam heating equipment pressure gauge, safety valve is normal, and ensure smooth trap; Less than stipulated by the liquid level, must not open the heating! Operation of the equipment, steam, wort on high temperature and saccharification equipment should hang warning sign at the top, to prevent burns. Number seven no big when filtering flow extraction wort, damage the sieve plate. Equipment need not when sieve plate above shall not put heavy objects, lest cause deformation of sieve plate. The mechanical parts of the equipment operation to ensure each smooth operation. At 8 o 'clock the first check whether there is leakage, leakage of plate heat exchanger, series of liquid phenomenon, if there is a repair immediately. Watch for the first nine of the alkaline concentration, alkaline water tank if found alkaline concentration is too low or too cloudy, already cannot be used for washing, it should be replaced in a timely manner. The first ten check each pipe valves, such as found that leakage situation should be timely repair or replacement. The first eleven regularly check the instrument on the panel indicates, available for digital temperature control table temperature calibration mercury ( Or alcohol) Thermometer calibration temperature to ensure the accuracy of the process parameters. The first twelve saccharification equipment should be timely rinse clean after each use, saccharifying pipe, plate heat exchanger and wort pipeline is rinsed clean. Ten at 3 o 'clock the pipeline of pipeline equipment technology, cooling, exhaust pipe is strictly forbidden to grasp helps to climb. Equipment maintenance downtime at four o 'clock, ten should be steam and hung the warning marks or power. The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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