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Trano beer equipment teaches you how to brew fine brewed beer with good taste

by:Trano     2020-02-28
It is really inappropriate to control the taste of brewed beer. Haolu beer brewing equipment has developed beer with various tastes for more than 20 years, but people may be confused about the consistency of beer tastes. To buy haolu beer equipment, we have professional technicians to install and debug on site to teach you brewing technology. The raw materials of brewed beer only include hops, beer yeast, barley malt and water, without any auxiliary materials and chemical reagents. It is very nutritious and inherits the flavor of German beer. Beer brewing equipment the process of brewing beer is the process of fermentation of beer raw materials in beer brewing equipment. To control the taste of beer, we must also control the fermentation process of beer raw materials. (1)Malt: control the moisture of malt from the oven < 5%, baking temperature at 85 degrees Celsius for more than 3 hours. (2) Hops: as a spice, we should improve the adding process according to the variety of hops and the degree of freshness, and strictly refrigerate and store them. When using, it should be used now. The storage time of hops in the saccharification room is best not to exceed 12 hours. (3) The material of the production pipe should be stainless steel, try not to use copper equipment and carbon steel equipment. The iron content and copper content in production water, raw materials and diatomite should be as low as possible to prevent these ions from promoting beer oxidation. (4) Strengthen the quality control of raw materials and try to use a variety of raw and auxiliary materials to ensure the consistency of beer flavor. Such as French wheat, Australian wheat, Jiamai, domestic malt, etc. , according to a certain proportion of use, to avoid the instability of raw materials caused by the quality of beer, affecting the taste of beer. Therefore, only by controlling the development and utilization of beer raw materials can beer with good taste be guaranteed and the taste of customers be grasped,
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