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Trano transformation from quality to brand

by:Trano     2020-02-19
In recent years, the development speed of domestic filling equipment has attracted worldwide attention. It has only taken us ten years from step-by-step imitation to innovation to catch up with the world level, and the quality and technology have been steadily improved, who dares to assert the possibility of 'transcendence? If the quality is improved to a certain extent, it will naturally develop in the direction of the brand. This is the law of Enterprise Development. The accumulation of quality has become the reputation of an enterprise. Reputation has created the brand of the enterprise. The improvement from quality to brand marks the maturity of China's filling machine industry step by step. With the rapid development in a short period of time, there will inevitably be some shortcomings. International brands have found this huge domestic market and have begun to enter, squeezing the living space of domestic brands and creating difficulties for the development of the industry. When the domestic filling brand is difficult to survive in the market, it is found that strong competitors have quietly settled in the domestic market. Due to the shortage of technology, some small enterprises have not formed core competitiveness, and are subject to changes in production costs and labor costs, which are difficult to sustain under the squeeze of the market. Some large filling machine manufacturing enterprises in the production technology has been basically close to the world's advanced level, the quality in a short period of time has been difficult to get the essence of the promotion, brand development is imperative. The brand has obvious performance in terms of selling price. For some times and high-tech filling equipment, the difference between import and export ratio is more than 2 times with or without brand. In recent years, under the pressure of environment and resources, the development of green manufacturing has become the mainstream market. The development of filling machine has entered the level of brand competition, in the next time the whole industry will be in the direction of brand management to develop. Zhangjiagang trano Machinery Co. , Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River Delta. It is a professional manufacturer of comprehensive beverage packaging machinery integrating research, development and manufacturing. Its main products are: beverage filling machine, beverage filling equipment, can filling production line, three-in-one filling equipment, salt soda filling machine, juice filling machine, large barrel water equipment, etc. The product has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the market user satisfaction goods, the honorary title of the contract and trustworthy enterprise. The company adheres to the business philosophy of market-oriented, science and technology first, quality is life and service first. A perfect quality assurance system has been established, and the enterprise is based on honesty. The leading products of the enterprise include pure water/mineral water production line, gas beverage production line, fruit juice production line, 5 gallon barrel series unit, 5L machine filling machine Group, PET bottle filling production line, beer washing, filling and sealing production line, label equipment, membrane charter equipment, water treatment, etc.
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