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Types of saccharification processes for brewing fine beer

by:Trano     2020-02-26
The selection of beer equipment mainly considers two aspects: 1. Technical configuration requirements for brewing process of equipment. 2, the size of the equipment and production requirements. The size of the production depends on the size of the saccharification equipment and the saccharification batch per day; And the size and number of fermenters. There are two kinds of beer brewing saccharification processes: one is the cooking method (Decoction), One is the leaching method (Infusion). Cooking method (Decoction) Features are: heating a part of the saccharification mash to the boiling point in batches, and then mixing with the rest of the unboiled mash, make all the mash temperature rise to the temperature required by different enzymes in stages, and finally reach the end temperature of saccharification. The quality of the previous malt was general, and the mash needed to be boiled repeatedly to make the soluble substances in the malt leached. The cooking method is complex, time-consuming, energy-consuming and requires high equipment configuration. Now the quality of malt is good, and the saccharification process of boiling method is less used. Leaching Method (Infusion) The operation is relatively simple and time-saving, and the characteristics are: the saccharification mash is not boiled from beginning to end, and the various substances are simply leached by the action of enzymes. The wort still retains certain enzyme activity before boiling.
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