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Zhejiang Lishui city market supervision bureau to carry out special compulsory verification of beer quantitative filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-14
Recently, the continuous high temperature, beer production and consumption season is coming, in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the filling machine of beer production enterprises, and effectively safeguard the interests of consumers, on July 24, zhejiang Lishui city market supervision bureau testing institute for Yanjing beer in our city (Lishui, Zhejiang)Limited Company, Yanjing beer (Zhejiang Xiandu) The quantitative filling machines of two beer production enterprises such as the limited company have carried out special compulsory verification work. What is a quantitative filling machine on the inspection site? Liquid material quantitative filling machine is widely used in the production line of beverage or grain and oil, and is used to put quantitative beverage, water, oil and other liquids into bottles. Is its performance accurate, it is directly related to the quality of products and is included in the list of measuring instruments subject to compulsory verification. According to the verification, the liquid material quantitative filling machines of two beer enterprises in our city were verified this time, including Yanjing beer (Lishui, Zhejiang) Limited company liquid material quantitative filling machine 1, a total of 80 filling head; Yanjing beer (Zhejiang Xiandu) The limited company has 4 liquid material quantitative filling machines with 378 filling heads. The verification personnel of the testing institute of the municipal market supervision bureau have strictly verified the appearance, filling capacity, qualified rate of filling quantity, identification and other items of the filling machine in accordance with the verification regulations. The results show that, the five liquid filling machines of the two enterprises all comply with relevant regulations, with a qualified rate of 100%. After the verification is completed, the verification personnel also provide consulting services for the enterprise and guide the enterprise to maintain and maintain the equipment on site. The municipal market supervision bureau reminds consumers to pay attention to the following matters when purchasing beer products: first, try to choose the products of well-known enterprises and carefully check whether the product logo meets the national standards; Second, if beer filling is found'Short and short' When, should promptly call 12345 complaint phone or to the relevant departments to complain, in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests. ----This article is transferred from: Lishui market supervision
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